How Koble Works

By setting up your products and market preferences upon signup you are automatically joining a community with matching interests. Everytime new users with similar preferences join the Koble platform your community of qualified businesses grows with them.

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Users and company with different interests won't be visible to each other. You can however find them through search and can decide to follow them. Also shall you wish to unfollow a member company in your community you can do so.

Similarly to setting up a profile on a dating site, you do not need to be connected with anyone in your community for them to pay attention to your profile. But you do need to be active to start conversations.

Here is how you get conversations started

1. Post

Looking for suppliers? Ask the community what are you looking for. Or broadcast your company's marketing material to promote your business.

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By default anything you post on your Koble feed reaches all users with matching preferences in your community, similarly to interests groups you joined. To reach a narrower and more controlled audience, Koble offers targeting capabilities. With it you can decide to share content to a specific account only or specific relationship types.

2. Match

Get notified by email, on your browser or directly on mobile when someone shows interest in your questions, business or profile.

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By default Koble only turns on a few email and push notifications. You can choose to be notified on more events and at a different frequency of your choice. Also you can opt for email, browser and mobile.

3. Chat

Start a chat, pass the lead off, or involve colleagues. Make the right moves to convince the buyer to reveal their identity to connect and do business.

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If you need to involve more people in your discussions to convince users you talk to, Koble allows you to add contacts to the conversation. Contacts not yet on Koble can also simply be added by entering their email address. We will notify them so they can join.